Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Gold Moment

You all know the classic "Jingle Bells" written some many moons ago. I'm also pretty sure that you've heard personalized words to go along with the song, if not made up a few of your own. Well years ago, back when I was around 11 or 12, I too wrote my own set of lyrics to go with the tune. I then made it our family answering machine message during the holidays but had to censor damn day to the way at my parents request. All these years later, I still believe these lyrics hold true to today's standards & are a fun version of the song we all know. So here...a direct blast from my past & my first (that I can think of) verbal publishing of a song. This was the start of what leads to literally hundreds of songs I've written & even a few that I've had published. So as you read it, keep the sound of jingling bells in mind while reading.

"Message Tells"

Dashing through the streets
In a rag top Chevrolet
Gotta get to the mall
'Cause Christmas is on it's way

Wrapping Christmas presents
Or putting up Christmas lights
What fun it is to think of the bills
Later on at night *oh-no*

Jingle Bells, Feet Sure to Swell
Jingle all damn day
Leave your name & leave your number
And we'll get back to you right away...HAY!

Jingle Bells, Frost-bitten tails
Sneezing all the way
Leave a message at the sound of the tone
And say what you have to say...HAY!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!!

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  1. I was thinking of this yesterday. My version, copied from yours, slightly different. Now if I could remember my voicemail password so I can change it.