Friday, November 30, 2012

Guess It's Time Once Again

I was reading my daily horoscope which has a link for a tarot reading. I always enjoy asking questions & seeing what comes up. Now I usually don't take them to serious as it's through a computer & our own personal energies are not part of the actual cards for a true reading. BUT...every now & again...the reading is great & hits home & sometimes right in the gut! "The question asked was: ????"   meaning....I'm not sure what to ask so just guild me...

Self-what is going on within you
The Moon
Layers of illusion are removed; your essential self is disclosed.

With the Moon in this position, you are cast into your deepest unknown. Not to be seen as either bad or good, this is an opportunity to penetrate your inner life. You may be familiar with this experience or you may never have experienced it before in your life.

You are moving between worlds, shifting and modifying. Reality changes from hour to hour; your rational mind has deserted you, leaving instinct and intuition as your guides. All the architecture of civilization has been stripped from your personality and you are naked unto yourself. (Interesting enough, this is also the card that represents Pisces)

Situation-the surrounding energies
Eight of Wands
You are caught in a vortex of intensifying demands.

The Eight of Wands in this position indicates that you are running to keep up with people and circumstances that seem to be out of control. Being proactive may be difficult now. Stimulating events may demand too much of your attention.

You are caught up in a high tide of escalating consequences. This can be an exciting, if exhausting, time and you could be tested on every level as you move forward. Sometimes it takes courage to cope with the confusion of chaotic changes

Challenges-what needs to be concentrated on
Nine of Pentacles
Protect all areas of your health to increase your vigor and self-reliance.

The Nine of Coins in this position challenges you to stay healthy and fit -- emotionally, physically and psychologically. Don't let yourself become soft and out of shape. You can't expect this period of relative abundance and support to last forever.

Even in the best of situations there are fluctuations. No situation is permanent or immune to change. As you proceed on your way, be aware of maintaining your muscle tone as well as your intellectual and emotional vigor. Use this situation to improve yourself and prepare for whatever may come next.

Believe in them or not....the really interesting part....I picked these 3 cards.....3 different times....over 3 weeks....never the same time or day.....yet I ask a different question & get different cards....

I think it's time once again for this Phoenix to burn out & rise again.........

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