Friday, June 19, 2015

What's Your Color

What's your color? I'm sure you have a favorite color. Is it BLUE? Or RED? Maybe it's GOLD or even WHITE? There is a surprising amount of information that can be told by what one's favorite color is. Interesting things like what a person is more likely to eat or how they are in bed and I'm not just talking about sleeping. Our mental health can be noted through our color choice and it can also clue in others as to how one is feeling.

Blue is claimed to be the favorite color while brown is least liked. Men prefer strong bold colors like red and yellow while women prefer the softer tones of violet and pink. Men who prefer softer shades of their favorite colors tend to be gentle in nature and very thoughtful while the men who choose brick or gold tend to eat spicier foods and are more aggressive during sex (and not necessarily in a bad way). Women tend to like grays least of all and drive more white cars then men. Those of you who choose orange tend to live or have lived in a very gloomy/rainy place and yet black is the car color of choice in the southwest.

The younger generation tends to lean toward the brightness of pink which then fades off only to then return again with the elderly. If you're a character that tends to run on the jealous side of life, may I suggest green as your color. The favorite color for eyes is blue while blond hair is still preferred the most by both sexes. More red roses are given while white lilies are a favored flower. Mint and blush are the current wedding color trends. While chocolate is one of the top chosen colors for furnishings. We all know to wear black to help us appear slimmer and the most sold color for bathing suits is hot green.

If you're more daring and look to the more unique colors magenta is more likely your favorite and just because you favor gray doesn't mean you're gloomy. Those among us that love the color silver tend to have "shiny" personalities while those of us that love gold often tend to be selfish. Indigo people tend to have the most harmony and those that scream turquoise tend to be narcissistic. I myself am a tried and true lover of royal purple, the color of sensitivity, creativity and spirituality. 

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