Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Woody Sheep Year To You 2015


RAT – Life is comfortable and you can find peace in relationships. You can recover from any 2014 Horse year problems. So use this Sheep year to really get to know your loved ones. But launch your serious wedding or engagement plans in Monkey year 2016, your lucky year. Monkey 2016 is excellent for you to marry or have a child. Rat is most compatible with another Rat, a Dragon, or Monkey. 
OX – Sheep is your opposite so observe how Sheep thrives. Sheep year is fun so join the party and don’t work so hard this year! But Sheep year energy can be superficial and frivolous at times, which is not your style. So stay true to your convictions, and give relationships more time to develop. If love is really serious, you will know by winter. Ox is most compatible with another Ox, a Serpent, or Phoenix (Rooster). 
TIGER – Anticipate a quieter year to focus on home and family. Relax, unwind, and enjoy life. Your natural sociability attracts new admirers. For you Tiger, finding love is not a problem. But keeping love can be a problem! So it’s OK to move on to your next love this year. No need for a serious commitment if it feels forced. Tiger is most compatible with another Tiger, Horse, or Dog. 
RABBIT – Your lucky year! Sheep is your best friend who loves beauty and the healing arts. If in a partnership, your relationship can deepen. If single, now is your time to find love and to be appreciated for who you really are. Plus your gentle diplomatic skills bring rewards in relationships. It’s OK to be fussy and not settle if a partnership is just not right for you. Sheep year is an excellent year for you to marry or have a child. Rabbit is most compatible with another Rabbit, a Sheep, or a Pig. 
DRAGON – A year of social pleasantries when affairs can run smoothly. Enjoy life with ease. Popular Dragon often has a sea of admirers. So in Sheep year you can enjoy social pleasantries when your affairs run smoothly. Prepare for your lucky year Monkey 2016 because Monkey year is excellent for you to marry or have a child. Life is easy so if single, date whomever you please. Should a relationship become serious, make your grand gesture in Monkey 2016. Dragon is most compatible with another Dragon, a Rat, or a Monkey. 
SNAKE – Enjoy life with your charmed circle of insiders. Art, beauty, and aesthetics are valued, the common interests of Sheep and Snake. You and Sheep are on the same wavelength because you are both the creative artists of the Chinese zodiac. Snake can be very serious about love, so be discerning and discriminating in your selection of a partner. For you it’s quality not quantity, and you only need one! If in a relationship, your bond will deepen. Snake is most compatible with another Snake, an Ox, or Phoenix (Rooster).  
HORSE – You’ll have opportunities to complete endeavors because Sheep year is easier for you. Your good luck continues from the previous Horse year 2104, and that includes luck in love! You’ll have many opportunities to meet new people, and have less stress in life. Continue exploring relationships, but the time to get serious is at the end of the year. Plus Sheep is an excellent year for you to marry or have a child. Horse is most compatible with another Horse, a Dog, or Tiger. 
SHEEP – Success! Sheep benefits from Sheep year flourish of creativity and romance. Finally, others are on your wavelength and progress is made. Travel is highlighted so fine for a little romance this year during a relaxing vacation. Now is an excellent year for marriage or to have children. Sheep is most compatible with another Sheep, a Pig, or Rabbit. 
MONKEY – Use your natural Monkey charm to avoid confrontation. But no schemes or tricks. Your time for action is Fire Monkey year 2016. Romance is highlighted in a Sheep year when you can use your Monkey charm to attract new admirers. Date, explore, and get to know people. You time to get serious is Fire Monkey year 2016. Monkey year is excellent for you to get married or have a child. Monkey is most compatible with another Monkey, a Rat, or Dragon. 
PHOENIX (Rooster) – Roster, Chicken, Cock, Hen? I call you Phoenix, offering lifetime opportunities to be reborn and transformed. So look for positive energy in this Sheep year, a time of less stress and fewer challenges. Try some rest and relaxation. Take your time in relationships, and no need to make a serious commitment just yet. In Phoenix year 2017 you’ll start a new life cycle, your year that’s fortunate for marriage and children. Phoenix is most compatible with another Phoenix (if they don’t peck each other), an Ox, or Snake.
DOG – Your luck continues from the previous Horse year 2014. But at times be more diplomatic with others, and try to be more flexible. Sheep is a fortunate year for romance and love. Just avoid the Dog pattern of rescuing a partner in distress; make sure they can carry their own weight before you make a commitment. And Sheep year energy can be frivolous at times, so be less serious and demanding of others. Dog is most compatible with another Dog, a Tiger, or a Horse. 
PIG – Sheep year is very fortunate for you so put your plans into action. And a festive year to eat, drink, and be merry — the favorite activities of Pig Finally you can find love, it’s OK to indulge in romance, and all seasons are lucky for you this year especially winter. Now is an excellent year for you to marry or have a child. Pig is most compatible with another Pig, a Sheep, or Rabbit. 
ARIES – Mild Sheep is not a powerful Ram like you. So your bravery and brashness could be a turn off. The gentle approach is best this year.
TAURUS – Sheep loves art and beauty just like you! A very good year for the Bull when all things ruled by Venus are admired and appreciated.
GEMINI – Your mercurial ways and quit wit can take you far in social Sheep year. Time to expand your circle. Plus travel is highlighted.
CANCER – An excellent year for you! Sheep correlates to the Western sign Cancer so focus is on hearth and home. You can feel safe and secure.
LEO – Sheep year brings romance and intimacy to you Lion. But at times, you might need to tone down the roaring or you’ll scare people!
VIRGO – You can help others with your keen organizational skills. Be the true server that you are and contribute. Your efforts will be rewarded.
LIBRA – Time to cultivate art and beauty. But life won’t always be fair because Sheep plays favorites. So stay balanced in your relationships.
SCORPIO – Sheep year offers you many opportunities to lighten up, play, and enjoy. No need for intensity. Just follow your intuition.
SAGITTARIUS –  Time for easy travels to places of beauty. You can keep your affairs light and breezy the way you and Sheep like it.
CAPRICORN – Sheep is not a mountain climber like you Goat. So this can be your easy year to work a bit less and enjoy life a bit more.
AQUARIUS – You have many eclectic interests. Time to pursue and develop them in this Sheep year, especially your artistic interests.
PISCES – You will cherish the kindness and compassion that Sheep year brings. Plus you can make steady progress to achieve your goals.

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