Monday, March 4, 2013

Pisces Fun Facts

Since we are now in the middle of the zodiac Pisces....I MUST take a moment & pay respect to the zodiac sun sign that rules me so. Here are some fun facts to know about the 12th & final sign of the zodiac:

Pisces are stronger then they think & wiser then they know.
Pisces will know you better then you know yourself.
Pisces sign represents eternity.
Pisces tend to be optimists often times to a fault.
The Moon in the Tarot Cards represent Pisces.
Pisces grin to hide unshed tears.
Pisces make outstanding directors, photographers, actors, dancers, painters & artists of all likes.
Pisces love being right.
Music, movies & books can transport Pisces to another dimension.
Pisces have un-comparable hearing ability.
It is difficult to surprise the Pisces as they have a natural ability to know things ahead of time.
Pisces women, at first glance, are every man's school boy dream with a touch of playboy bunny.
Rumors have spread about the charms of a Pisces.
Pisces can turn on tears or sunshine using an invisible switch.
Pisces hate to answer direct questions with just a yes or no.
Pisces are known to be great poets & writers . . . Dr. Suess is proof.
Pisces will always help you, you'll get no lectures or glances of superiority when you ask them for something.
Pisces never judge. No thieves, murderers, addicts, hypocrites, nor liars.
Pisces wear their laughs as a mask & they disguise them well.
Pisces humor is one of their secret weapons.
Pisces are very spontaneous.
Pisces can literally hypnotize themselves into or out of anything they choose, like fear
of heights, subways, elevators, or people.
Pisces is the blending of all the zodiac signs.
Pisces often have particular dreams or nightmares which are often precognitive.
Life through the eyes of Pisces is a huge stage.
Pisces have a great memory.
Deja Vu happens frequently to Pisces.
Pisces love to get ready before they go out for the evening.
When it comes to glamor & fashion....Pisces wrote the book.
Pisces love to have a dozen cups of coffee or tea a day.
Most Pisces have a natural curl to their hair & are known for their beautiful eyes.
Pisces can put the same song on repeat for hours.
Pisces are charming & naturally good-mannered.
Pisces have a saying: "I don't want to be a millionaire, I just want to live like one".
Pisces often wonder what the meaning of life is.
Pisces like to look at both sides before taking a stand.
A Pisces will make you fall in love with them quickly.
Pisces are super romantics.
Pisces lucky colors are blue, green & purple.
Pisces can become distracted easily.
Pisces are truly honest & great listeners.
Pisces don't have strong agendas & tend to go along with the flow.
Pisces like time alone to contemplate the workings of the universe.
Pisces love swimming, dancing & generally moving their bodies.
Pisces hate over crowded areas, authorities, know-it-alls & criticism.
Pisces can accept challenges & rise to the top or take the easy way & sink to the bottom.
Pisces truly feel what the character of a movie or book is feeling.
Pisces yearn for an interesting life.
Pisces love to be social but sometimes need total alone time.
Most Pisces are short in height & slender in build.
Pisces worry more then they should.
Pisces tend to imagine the whole situation in their head before it even happens.
Pisces strive to make their fantasies come true.
Pisces will take a friend's problem & make it their own.
Pisces are great at reading people.
Pisces biggest downfall is they believe everything.
Best day of the week for a Pisces is Friday.
The symbol of the two opposing fish represents the duality of their personality.
Pisces are known to have a lot of compassion & are always there for their friends.
Pisces are either super sentimental or not at all.
Pisces can often see right through someone & are not easily fooled.
When a Pisces has a feeling that something will happen, it usually does.
If a Pisces writes a's about you.
Pisces are very hard to understand, but understand everyone else perfectly.

So now you're a step closer to understand those mysterious Pisces. Each person is  unique therefore may not have all of these traits based on their birth charts or adding in their oriental sign. No matter how you cut it up though, these are all common to Pisces. As a Pisces, my best advice is...don't try too hard to understand them, just love them & they will always be there for you!


  1. Thanks for this I'm a Pisces too, and most of these facts are true.

  2. you really nailed it and most of there facts are very true

  3. Everything. This just described me perfectly! <3

  4. I am a scorpio moon pisces sun gemini rising people always say that I tend to be judgemental critical and sometimes cruel... :(

  5. Im a pisces and yeah that's pretty much exactly how to explain me

  6. I am a piscine too and all the facts are true

  7. well i will say as a pisces my self alot of that was true good job on it :)

  8. Everything is true.March 8.Pisces.This all describes me

  9. its much more than a vow... its marvellous... march 14 ... yeaah i m a pisces n i loved dis article..

  10. I am also a piscean princess. I love this article.

  11. I am also a pisces and to be honest some of these facts are point on!

  12. So true, am a Pisces and I love and live it.

  13. I'm a pisces, march 8 and this was very true, glad that fellow pisceans agree

  14. Woah, it's freaking me. All of me.Seriously! Feb 27 born gal!Lucky to be a piscean

    1. I'm 27th feb lad :) done lots of traveling but still.looking for lifes great answers. If any body is in Germany. And want to just have a awesome and random talk about all.i am always keen.i have yet to meet a piscean that I can get there view of things.too many other signs.
      Tristan Anthony Graham

  15. Some of these facts are spot on mate.

  16. Extremely accurate traits of a typical piscean!

  17. Im a Pisces too and generic comment!

  18. when we know we acquire most of these characters, sometime of smile and sometime of anger can be seen in our faces.

  19. *surprisingly picses are useless?!*

  20. *from the author* I have corrected the line to read better...thanks for letting me know!

  21. Feb 20th~12:22am birthdate & time...It's all me

  22. Exactly describe me I didn't even know so much about me

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  24. While u r writing the words and changing the flow of water ..i can feel as m flowing .....Only a Pisces can write like this ..hats off

  25. While u r writing the words and changing the flow of water ..i can feel as m flowing .....Only a Pisces can write like this ..hats off

  26. Nailed it.... So true March 25,on spot