Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust...Phoenix Rises

Starting over is never an easy thing! So being thrust into having to do so is just NOT  something I am eager to go though...yet again...this soon. Although lately...when I look in the mirror...I know it is time. I see the beat down...tired...sad...end to what was a bright & quickly growing phoenix. I have taken so many hits over the past 8 years & the last few just finished me off.
At first....the pain I knew that I would soon endure was not a thing I was looking forward to. Knowing that I was soon going to have no choice but to come to terms with all that was the past 8 years &....let go of it. The thought of being so fresh & new again...nothing short of terrifying. But then...then I remember the release. The moment when the last ember burns out from having nothing left to fuel it. All of the nothing more then a pile of soft ash. All the pain & sorrow & hurt of the years...gone with the last wisp of smoke that wafts off into nothing.
Now all that remains....ashes. But those ashes....those tiny particles of exhausted material hold something very special in them. Deep inside the past of what was me..lay dormant the seeds to the new me...but...they can only be sown once the old has disintegrated & all of the ugly & bad ashes of the past have blown away. First...dreams ignite passion....then passion ignites love....then love ignites good....then good ignites truth....then truth ignites knowledge....& so on & so on...until the egg of ash can no longer contain the building fire rising from within......
Phoenix Rises!


  1. It seems I am here after years but I do Hope you have rose above all.