Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deep Conversations Over Tortellini

Tonite I had the pleasure to be invited to dinner with my honey, his brother & sis-in-law. I met my baby at his office & we headed over to their hotel suite where we chatted for almost 2 hours. We talked about all my health issues & work issues & home issues. We then talked about them & their personal issues & issues of their loved ones. All of the conversations then started going down dark, personal & emotional paths in each of our lives . . . finally coming to the conclusion that we needed to get going & get our minds on other things.

We then headed out to dinner which was about to turn into a headache within it's own right. It was rush hour plus the dinner hour & coupled with the fact that the hotel is right near Disney & it was pouring rain so now NOBODY could drive & there were TONS of vehicles on the road. The first place we went to was full & too long of a wait. As we drove past restaurants & fast food places . . . there were NONE NOT BUSY. We decided to go up the road a bit to a different area for a less crowed place only to be stuck in crawling traffic. By the time we reached the restaurant we were all famished! As luck would have it, the restaurant (that I had simply found by map questing nearby restaurants) was a quaint Italian place that served delectable food!

We all ordered something different & settled into a nice conversation over dinner. Ultimately we ended going right back into our conversations of hardships & woes. By the end of dinner we all sat there stuffed & feeling a little better about ourselves. After all the talking about bad health, lost children, ailing parents, personal pains, finances, leaks & lost loved ones...we all realized how lucky, blessed, loved & understood we are. In a few brief hours our eyes had opened a little wider, our minds broadened more & souls were lifted within the simple strength of family support. I would also say a bond tightened between siblings, which now includes me! So despite the wet weather & long lines of stupid drivers & many depressing conversations....newness was found & HOPE lifted again!