Friday, July 19, 2013

Finger Length Away

Why is it that everything in my life seems to be a finger's length away from me. As I look back over the years that have created me, I can see where I've come so close to almost wonderful...and...almost disastrous.

I modeled but never became a poster board. I was in a band but never played an arena. I was a major player in the theater world & even was in two movies but never became famous. I lived in a HUGE mansion & drove $100,000 vehicles but never obtained my own fortune. I have dined & partied with the worlds elite & yet continue to fly under the radar. I have held high profile jobs only to have them wither away before they fully blossomed unto grandeur. I am now living with a great guy only to be struck down with unprecedented stress. We have a really cute place but the makeshift bandages constantly keep peeling off. I just don't get why everything wonderful keeps dancing in front of me & then gets pulled away like a dangling carrot constantly torturing a hungry bunny.

Now, me being me, I know that I've also come within a finger's length from bad things as well. So far...each bad situation has been able to be handled with as much dignity as can be mustered up. Even that ever impending fate with the grim reaper has been kept at a distance, although I've been at it's doorstep a few more times then one should ever be! So I am grateful that at least nothing super tragic has come upon me & yet I continue to be saddened at the fact that all things wonderful constantly elude me as well. So I guess for now...I will carry a finger length...

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