Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting To Know Me...Musically That Is

Over the existence of my life, I have been in pursuit of who I am. Like most people, we try & try to figure out where we are coming from, where we are going to & what are we here for in the mean time. As I look back at my life & the extraordinary events that have helped to shape me into the man I am in pursuit of becoming, I see how music has played a SIGNIFICANT role in my life. Now it just may be me but personally music, at times, has been a major influence in helping me to make my mind up on a particular direction that I want to live.

 I am an extremely complicated individual even though I'm also a simple being. I love like others, I laugh like others, I cry like others & I get down & dirty like others & yet there are plenty parts of me that leave others shaking their heads & walking away in dismay. Its not that I'm a bad person...just different. Matter of fact, thanks to Alanis for coining THE perfect description, I've said for years that "I'm a fabulous freak of nature"! Odd in all the right ways & far from boring. I have a tendency to stick my foot in my mouth & chew vigorously & yet I've got a huge heart & LOVE love & do my best to never hurt anyone & to also do right by nature!!

Recently, I made up a list of my "LIFE SONGS" that either helped in shaping me or told a perfect story almost from within my life diary. Now I know that we ALL can think back to those kinds of songs & I do mean ones that mean more then just a great song to us. Songs that bring us to our knees or that rip out our hearts. Songs that play in the back ground as we make love or make us want to jump into the sack. Songs that are so good the rhythm pulses through our veins & we can't help but to shake, dance & groove each & every time we hear them. Hear are 3 lists of my life songs split into categories that fit this blog to a tee.

Hand in My Pocket
No Pressure Over Cappuccino
Limbo No More
Bent For You
These Are the Thoughts
You Learn
Nothing In Return
Thank U
....All these songs are by Alanis Morrisette as I personally connect to her music more then I connect with any other artist....

Bent - Matchbox 20
Heart Of Stone-Cher
Who Am I Living For-Katy Perry
18 Wheeler-P!nk
Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson
You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me-Cher
Better Get To Living-Dolly Parton
Stronger-Kelly Clarkson
The Different-Melissa Etheridge
Firework-Katy Perry
Affirmation-Savage Garden
Dream On-Aerosmith
Lucky-Melissa Etheridge
Fucking Perfect-P!nk
Don’t Be Anything Less (Then Everything You Can Be)-Snoopy
Heal Me-Melissa Etheridge

Nothing But A Good Time-Poison
Youth Gone Wild-Skid Row
Giant-Melissa Etheridge
Express Yourself-Madonna
Sweet The Sting-Tori Amos
Talk Dirty To Me-Poison
I Want Your Sex-George Michael
E.T.-Katy Perry
Strange Love-Depeche Mode
Cherry Pie-Warrent
Bad Influence-P!nk
Lady Marmalade-Moulin Rouge
Unskinny Bop-Poison
Slut Like You-P!nk
Raise Your Glass-P!nk

Now these are just SOME of the MANY songs that have influenced my life. Of course there are plenty of songs that just ROCK MY WORLD but haven't necessarily changed my life or influenced a decision. As you can tell, my music influence is all over the place. I love my rock but love pop & country & R&B & even musicals. I mean hell...diversity is the best thing in life to have! So if you ever hear one of these songs on the radio or your'll know that it has a special place in me & of me. What are your life songs.........

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