Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bless Us All

Once again it is that time of year! The time when hearts are warmer, smiles are broader & people around us are that much nicer! Ok, so in reality....hearts are colder, frowns are deeper & people are just down right rude. I guess that the old feelings of Christmas have been slipping away over the years & all the wonderfulness of the season is only found in story books. Sure there are a few of us out there that get deemed "the one with the Christmas spirit" but we are a dying breed. I hate that even within families during this time of year, arguments & petty things keep the bitterness going instead of letting go & engulfing ourselves with the love. The following lyrics, although from an odd selection of films, truly stand out above all the rest in my heart. It tells the trueness of the season & I sooooo wish people would take it into themselves & allow the wonderful meaning to rejuvenate the soul & spill out onto the world!

Bless Us All

Life is full of sweet surprises
Every day's a gift
The sun comes up and I can feel it
Lift my spirit
Fills me up with laughter
Fills me up with song
I look into the eyes of love
And know that I belong

Bless us all
Who gather here
The loving family
I hold dear
No place on Earth
Compares with home
And every path will bring me back
From where I roam

Bless us all
That as we live
We always comfort and forgive
We have so much t
hat we can share
With those in need we see around us everywhere

Let us always
LOVE each other
Lead us to the light
Let us hear the
voice of reason
Singing in the night

Let us run from anger

And catch us when we fall
Teach us in our dreams and please
yes, please
Bless us one and all

Bless us all
With playful years
With noisy games
And joyful tears
We reach for you
and we stand tall
And in our prayers and dreams
We ask you bless us all

We reach for you

and we stand tall

And in our prayers and dreams
We ask you...
Bless us all!

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