Saturday, October 13, 2012

What A Beautiful Day!

My eyes slowly start to flutter open, morning light pouring into the room. As I'm draggin' my ass outta bed, a happy thought washes over me. While my coffee is heating, I'm checkin' the local weather....Sunny with scattered clouds, 86 degrees, no rain predicted....BEACH DAY!!!!! 

I grab my beach bag (always filled with beach stuff), flip-flops & off I go. I'm enjoying my coffee while driving down the down in the Jeep...Matchbox 20's newest album North, helping to get the groove started for the day. The sky clear & sunny with a few light puffy clouds, like angels had left balls of cotton blowing around. I mean just nothing but beautiful ahead of me!

I also apparently wasn't the one thinking that same idea. Rightly's been rainy a lot lately which has kept my white butt away from my sun spot. So I end up having to park a full parking lot down from my usual place. As I step out of my Jeep that beautiful sound of waves lapping at the beach beckons me onward!

Ahhhhhhhh.....the BEACH! The sand warm as I crush my toes into it for the first time. Nothing but bright blue skies mirroring the ocean into the beyond. Beach-goers tanning themselves on towels of all colors of the spectrum. People playing in the ocean that is 80 degrees of warm wonderful. I pick out my spot, lay out my beach blanket & lotion up because skin protection is important!

First thing I do is set my mind free & meditate into a state of complete bliss. I take the time to send out my thanks & prayers & best wishes. Then I sit & just soak up the environment. Let the wind go through me, taking with it all negativities, sorrows, & hurts. Let the sun boil out impurities & bring warmth, brightness, radiance & a much needed dose of Vitamin D!

I then return this Pisces to Titan's home. I walk out letting the waves draw me into it. With each wave more of the negative & bad are washed out to deep sea. With each new wave also brings nourishment to mind & soul. I swim around & splash as much as I want. I body surf back into shallower waters then back onto my blanket & allow myself to just drip dry. What a beautiful day it's been!

I then take out my music player & press play. As Alanis sings to me my life songs, I start walking. I walk up & down the beach for 2 hours. Walking on the beach I've met quit a many unique & interesting people. Today I even met a chef from France! I often will also stop & gather seashells & pick up others trash, hey each thing we do helps our beautiful planet!

I also love drawing in the wet sand & letting the waves wash it away. I will often write a prayer or name of someone who needs some extra energy & let the ocean sweep it out to be taken care of. Like as if God washes it away once its been noted. So you all get a special blessing/positive energies from me each time I go. Again, just doing my part in sending out positive energies!

Then as the day starts to break into night, I make my departure. Never sad that the day has ended but thrilled that I had such an incredible day! Top down on the Jeep for the drive home as Pink keeps me grooving with her new album, Truth About Love. Arriving back home & into the arms of my love!

What an Incredible & BEAUTIFUL Beach day it had turned out to be!!!!!!

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  1. Maybe one of these days I will find the time to go to the beach!